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Whether through traditional podcasts or on the radio, or in a Facebook Live interview, I love spreading the job joy message that it’s never too late to find work you love – plus provide strategies and tools that listeners can put into practice immediately.

Recent podcasts include, but are not limited to:

Interview with Mental Health Advocate, Jay Shifman, Choose Your Struggle Podcast

Finding Your Job Joy, Captivate the Room Podcast

Mindfulness for Non-Meditators” – MarketHer Podcast with Kate Fodera and Angela Myrtetus

Find Your Job Joy for Corporates and Entrepreneurs Alike” – Zen Money Map with Liz Lajoie

“Finding Your Job Joy” – Stepping Up, Becoming Who You Are Meant to Be

“Leader Thrive with Kristen Zavo” – Leader Thrive Podcast with Dr. Brooks

Interview with Kristi Slaughter on SuperTalk Saturday Mornings – SuperTalk on 92.9

“The Secret to Being Happier at Work with Best-Selling Author, Kristen Zavo” – Let’s Get Into It!

“3 Secrets to Finding Joy at Work, No Matter What You Do” – The Golden Mic

“Kristen Zavo presents Job Joy” – Interview with Lynn Denise of Raeda

“Finding Your Job Joy” – Transformation Today Show

“My Best Life Discovered with Kristen Zavo”, Discover Your Best Life Show

3 Secrets to Transform Your Business, “Chat with Amy” Takeover

To discuss podcast opportunities, fill out this form: