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Whether through traditional podcasts or on the radio, or in a Facebook Live interview, I love spreading the job joy message that it’s never too late to find work you love – plus provide strategies and tools that listeners can put into practice immediately.

Recent podcasts include, but are not limited to:

How to Make a Career Change | Power Lounge S1E10 on Together Digital

How to Successfully Tackle Unrelated Roles and Gaps in Your Work History on Girl, You’re Hired

You Can Experience Happiness in Your Career with the The Good Business Witch

The Gifters: Your Story is a Gift to the World by Christopher Kai.

Find your Job Joy: Lunch Conversations with Randy & Teddy

David Lamb on Alabama News Rising interview Ready to Quit Your Job? Tips On How To Get It Right

Interview with Mental Health Advocate, Jay Shifman, Choose Your Struggle Podcast

Finding Your Job Joy, Captivate the Room Podcast

Mindfulness for Non-Meditators” – MarketHer Podcast with Kate Fodera and Angela Myrtetus

Find Your Job Joy for Corporates and Entrepreneurs Alike” – Zen Money Map with Liz Lajoie

“Finding Your Job Joy” – Stepping Up, Becoming Who You Are Meant to Be

“Leader Thrive with Kristen Zavo” – Leader Thrive Podcast with Dr. Brooks

Interview with Kristi Slaughter on SuperTalk Saturday Mornings – SuperTalk on 92.9

“The Secret to Being Happier at Work with Best-Selling Author, Kristen Zavo” – Let’s Get Into It!

“3 Secrets to Finding Joy at Work, No Matter What You Do” – The Golden Mic

“Kristen Zavo presents Job Joy” – Interview with Lynn Denise of Raeda

“Finding Your Job Joy” – Transformation Today Show

“My Best Life Discovered with Kristen Zavo”, Discover Your Best Life Show

3 Secrets to Transform Your Business, “Chat with Amy” Takeover

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