Kristen Zavo teaches us how to navigate the pressures of our workaholic world, take charge of our own self-care, and achieve personal and professional fulfillment – that busyness is not a badge of honor – and to instead be purposeful and intentional.

Flavia Colgan, Director of Colgan Foundation and former Network News Commentator

Wealth is not the accumulation of money; it is about happiness in everything you do, including work. Reading Job Joy will make you wealthy beyond your dreams.

Stephen Shapiro, Author, Best Practices are Stupid

Kristen demystifies the process of finding a job you love and her practical step-by-step guidance makes it easy to take the leap. Her encouraging words and her focus on mindset, boundaries, and self-care make it a must-read for women who are ready for MORE in their career. Her practical advice on how to increase your online presence and become more attractive to employers is gold.

Nicole Moore, Love Coach and founder of Love Works

I have much more clarity with my why, and the next few steps I want to take to get me to my next career/job/life.

~ Ashley, MI

I can’t recommend Kristen enough! She has an ability to think through things in a strategic and unique way. We made such amazing strides in our time together. She’s truly the best!

~ Jay, OH

I loved this, Kristen because you made me focus on me and what I want and need. I want to keep feeling great, loving myself each and every day, and thanking myself for the past journey and the fabulous journey to come (you know it!)

~Jenni, OH

Job Joy is now a part of my vocabulary! I’m putting my wellness schedule first this year. You made me realize how to widen my impact as a project manager. Thank you, Kristen!

~ Tracy, PA

Setting aside the time to truly focus on what I really need to be doing to enhance and better my career has been amazing. Before working with you, I felt listless, aimless, and disenchanted. Now I have a plan to move forward and make things better than they’ve ever been before.

~ Angela, OH

Kristen helped me make sense of what my choices are… It is a great process everyone should go through every so often to check in on their life and look out for their personal needs…making them better for others around them.

~ Michael, NC

When asked how they felt before and after working with Kristen, this is what clients had to say: