FYJJ Testimonials

“[Before Find Your Job Joy], I felt like I just needed to get my resume updated so I could send it out to as many places that might hire me.

Now I feel that I am more in tune with my strengths and passions that are drawing me to companies that fit that profile.

The connection and support is unparalleled. I loved that it was encouraged to express emotions and recognize them. You then were able to direct the conversation to how to use those thoughts and feelings to move forward and not get stuck in a loop of uncertainty.”

Norine, Customer Relationship Manager

“[Before Find Your Job Joy] I felt a lot of pressure to decide what job I needed to move and appease family. I was constantly searching and nothing appealed to me or if it did, it was for the wrong reasons. Stressed and without direction would be words to describe me.

Now I feel excited to explore a life-long passion in a different industry regardless of paycheck and what friends and family have to say about it.

Amber, Operations Management

[Before Find Your Job Joy] I felt hesitant, overwhelmed, and frustrated with my job search because I wasn’t getting any interviews. I knew I had to do something different, but wasn’t sure how to approach it.

Now I feel like I have a clear structure, process, and an evolving plan to find not just a job I love, but a life I love.

I have grown to love the other ladies in the group. I love how the program has given me a positive vibe in my job search.

I feel like you, Kristen, have given so much more than what you advertised this course to be, and I am so thankful. There are bonuses galore! Thank you for your time and energy, and for putting this amazingness into the world!”

Nicole, Marketing Coordinator

Kristen is the doctor that addresses the underlying disease versus the symptoms; the holistic healer for workers who are unhappy at work. So happy I made the choice to work with her!

Mandy, Producer, Project Manager, Director