FYJJ Jenni Ashley Geri


Director of Accounting

“Before working with Kristen, I felt lost and unsatisfied. Now I feel like I have a purpose, like I know how to take steps forward.

My advice to you is as follows – take the class, listen to Kristen (like really listen), listen to your gut & take action…but be patient. Make the list of what you want & go for it.

Know in your heart that you deserve the very best, because what you do for you, affects everyone in your life – your kids, your spouse, your parents & your coworkers. My goal has always been to “make happy moms & dads”…well, I deserve to be one of those too.”


Financial Advisor

Before working with Kristen, I felt lost, burnt out, depressed, overwhelmed, anxious.

“Kristen and I worked together over this past summer and I couldn’t be more grateful for how much of an impact she has had in my life! Kristen brought out the confident Ashley that I have been so desperately trying to find.

When Kristen and I first started working together, I thought the majority of our work together would be regarding my job; but it was so much more than that! We set habits that I still use to this day and don’t ever anticipate stopping!

Kristen’s energy is what drew me into her coaching program and I am sure that anyone who tries her coaching will be as grateful as I am!


Biomedical Technical Educator

Before working with Kristen, I felt lost, burnt out, depressed, overwhelmed, anxious.

“Kristen is so supportive and gives individual as well as group support.

She is always so energetic and upbeat. Plus, the lessons are very well put together – I’ve learned something in each one. I looked forward to the trainings a lot because of that.

With the environment that we have going on today, her enthusiasm is very encouraging and supportive. She isn’t so professional that she’s stuffy and yet just personable enough that you feel like you’re talking to a friend. Let’s say she’s real. I like that a lot!”