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“My confidence is back! I am interviewing a lot. I’m asking for interviews. The confidence is shining through… I feel like the spark is back and I’ve learned so much.

If you’re on the fence, I was in your position. I was concerned about the money. I was looking for a job; I was unemployed… For me, it was worth it – I made great connections, got my confidence back, and I know what I’m looking for. Commit to the program. It is a great investment.

UPDATE: Shortly after taping, Courtney landed her fairytale dream job and couldn’t be happier!”


Global Marketing Manager

“I burnt out in the process of getting my PhD and I needed some time off…

I still don’t have a job but that’s because I’ve been taking things at my own pace. But I feel a lot better because I’ve been taking proactive steps.

For me the main takeaways were confidence and I know more what I’m going for… I really have enjoyed being part of the community, in addition to the coaching.”


Urban & Environmental Health Researcher

“[Before Find Your Job Joy] I was looking for a job, but instead of being focused on this being a fantastic opportunity… I was still in total emotional overwhelm.

Now I can speak confidently about the great work I’ve done in that last position, without going into all the stuff that was horrible. I’m having fantastic conversations with people… Another outcome beyond owning my story was that I changed what I was looking for.

The community was just beyond wonderful – a fantastic group of women from so many different backgrounds and places in their career. It was great to have that support.

[The program] was definitely worth it for me.


Sr Business Analyst

“I had been at my job for four years, and was feeling squelched… I really needed a change. I felt dismissed and discounted – it was a drag.

[Since working together] a whole lot has changed. I resigned from my old job and took a new job in my field. … I feel renewed energy, … like I have a career that fits.

Some things I found super helpful: the interview coaching, a new enthusiasm for professional networking… plus holistic things like being intentional, thinking about how I want to show up.. and most of all, I really enjoyed the experience of community with other Job Joy people – and you for providing a really safe, supportive environment.

The investment in a career coach is well worth it. And I didn’t just have any career coach – you’re amazing, and so intuitive, and not judgmental … and you’re so skilled. I’m going to carry this with me throughout the next decade of work.”


Grants & Contract Specialist

“[Before Find Your Job Joy], I was confused. I wanted to make a change, but I didn’t know how.

It’s not just resumes, LinkedIn profiles and interview skills. You really address the needs of the whole person, and that’s why I like your program and wholeheartedly endorse it.

Before this, I was living for the weekends, and thinking everybody felt the way about their job that I did. It doesn’t have to be that way. We deserve to enjoy what we do.

And it’s been great to work with the other participants. We were all in such harmony, there was so much we had in common, and we really benefitted from each other. It’s a wonderful community, both in the meetings and in the Facebook group.”


Quality Assurance & Product Manager

“[Before Find Your Job Joy], I had taken 80,000 webinars and getting on to every job board – and applying to everything and anything.

Now I can honestly say, I’m so much more focused, confident, and passionate. I am so much closer to landing my dream job.

The way that you acknowledge our fears and concerns in a caring way is fantastic. And not only do you acknowledge it, but you help us take steps to move on and build our confidence. That is something I know I could have never done alone.

If you are feeling stuck or unfulfilled, insecure… this exactly the right program. You will not regret it.


Customer Relationship Manager

“My job was getting quite stressful. Things were getting a little toxic. My work/life balance was really bad. …it was all work and no play. Life sucked.

I’m feeling so much better now. The biggest things I learned were through the clarity work – and it led me to realize that I can be happy in the job that I’m in.

It’s just that I need to re-focus and set boundaries. I figured out better ways to manage my time while I was at work, and also to learn to delegate.

Kristen – you are great. I love your personality. I loved every moment I could be in class. I got so much out of it. I’m so glad that I did this.


Biomedical Technical Educator

“I was in the job search process, applying to jobs and getting no responses – or those very nice rejection emails. I was frustrated and knew I needed a different approach.

I did the LinkedIn Challenge and that was amazing and gave me actionable steps. And then the option to join the program came up and it felt like a no-brainer. I decided to invest in myself and keep moving forward.

I loved having the support of the other people in the program… that has just been the biggest bonus – not just the job search work, but also the support of the group.

This is the best investment I’ve made in myself in a really long time, so I’d encourage anyone who is on the fence to do it. It’s worth it.


Marketing Coordinator