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Here’s what Job Joy clients had to say when asked what they would tell someone who was considering working with Kristen:

“My advice for you all who are thinking of working with Kristen is definitely go out and do it.

I feel like she’s my personal cheerleader in my career. Every time you think you’re struggling or don’t know what to do, you message her and she’s like “You got this. Here are some steps.

She’s there cheering you on and making sure you’re being true to you. So definitely do it; don’t be afraid. It’s a safe, comfortable, space.”


People Operations Consultant

“It’s been very inspirational, being able to connect with people who are also wanting to be high achiever in their roles.

The advice that I would give someone interested in working with Kristen would be to be ready to have change come. She keeps you accountable. If you’re going to say your goal out loud, just know you’re going to be working through it.

Change is hard, but she walks you through it, holding your hand every step of the way. But you’re doing the work. It’s empowering. She’s inspirational and empowering.”


Occupational Health Professional

“I want to make others happy when I go to work, and sometimes I forget about making myself happy.

If anyone is thinking about working with Kristen, I would say “Don’t even think twice.” When I met her for the first time, she was so enthusiastic, so happy to help me make a change in my life.

The only hesitation was making the time to make it work and meet with the group. You have many reasons why you can’t like family and other responsibilities, and you just have to decide to choose you. And that’s what I did.

Kristen’s going to help me all year choose me! I think I’m going to be 100% better – a better boss, a better leader, a better mom, and I hope that it exudes happiness on everyone around me and they can just trickle that out into the world.

I would not give back any second – so thankful to you, Kristen for helping me through it.”


Director of Accounting

“It’s been very inspirational, meeting all the wonderful women that were part of it, and hearing their stories and path to get to where they’re at currently – that’s been my favorite part.

My advice for anyone who is considering a career coach and looking at Kristen is to know that she is very real and genuine. She truly cares about helping you get to a better place in your career and life. I think she’s great.”


Sr Director, Finance & Reporting