Fear of failure

3 Ways to Overcome Fear of Failure & Go After Your Dream Job! 

Have you ever felt paralyzed by fear of failure?

If so, you might have done your best to muscle through and ignore it (and maybe that’s worked for you for a time).

But in the above episode of Morning Joy, I encourage you to do the opposite – to invite the fear in, to hear it out, to bring it along for the ride (and maybe even get all dramatic and play that Simon & Garfunkel song, “Sounds of Silence”)… but NOT let it be in the driver’s seat.

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Inner Work

Why Strategy & a Plan Isn’t Enough to Land Your Dream Job

Truth: Strategy Alone Isn’t Enough to Land Your Dream Job (or whatever big goal you’re going after)

Doing the inner work AND taking action is twice as (if not more!) powerful than action alone.

I encourage you to start small, by setting an intention for your day and before any big meetings, presentations or events.

Tell me in the comments below in one word: What’s your intention for today?

Money + Happiness

Does More Money = More Happiness at Work?

Money + Happiness at Work: How much do you really need to make to be happy at work? And what else do you need to be fulfilled in your career?

We all know that money alone isn’t enough to guarantee career success and fulfillment, and yet for many of us – our actions would say otherwise.

We stay in jobs we hate or even change careers, solely because of a high paycheck.

🌟It is my belief that we can love our work AND get paid well for it.🌟

Do you agree?

➡️What would you do if money were not a factor in your career choice?

Curiosity Breadcrumbs

How to Follow Your Curiosity Breadcrumbs to Find Career Clarity

When was the last time something piqued your curiosity and you just had to learn more? Maybe that looked like going down a reading rabbit hole, or signing up for a workshop, or talking about it endlessly with friends.

While it might seem just like fun, our curiosity and passion can serve as a path to fulfillment in our career, providing clues as to the subject, causes, and styles of work that we need to be our most lit up self.

Curious about how curiosity can bring clarity to your career? 😏 Watch the video above where we dig into this topic more.

Emotions at Work, Part 2

In-The-Moment Process to Avoid Breaking Down at Work

Last week we talked about the foundations of emotional resiliency, and this week we followed up with in-the-moment tools to handle your emotions with grace and leadership in the workplace.

Stop – Set – Support Method:

Stop: Resist reacting while you’re emotional. Breathe. Get out of the current location if possible (take a walk around the floor or outside).

Set: Ask for what you need and set boundaries. When we have a strong reaction, it’s our body/mind telling us something isn’t right. Ask yourself what that is, and what you need to be successful. Then set the boundary. 

Support: Make sure you have a support system – someone you can call or send a message to in the moment. Maybe it’s a mentor, good friend or coach. But talking things out and having someone remind you of what’s important can be huge in re-gaining perspective, even in the most stressful situations.

What’s your favorite tool to handle emotions at work? Please share in the comments below!

Handling Emotions Part 1

3 Ways to Handle Emotions at Work

Ever snap (or cry) at work? I understand, we’ve all been there. And while I don’t want you to hide your emotions, there is a way to handle them with maturity and leadership.

This post is all about building a strong foundation for emotional resiliency and in the next one, I’ll be sharing all my favorite in-the-moment tips (no more angry outbursts and crying at the office!).

1) Take care of yourself outside of work. Because none of us are our best selves when we’re tired, hungry and lacking connection.

2) Find healthy outlets outside of work to get out your emotions. 
Some ideas:
– workouts like boxing and bootcamp
– calm movement like yoga
– journal
– meditate
– time in nature
– creative time
– time with friends

3) Do the inner work/healing with a coach or therapist.
Pay attention to those persistent thoughts that appear when you’re most emotional. Start with awareness and then consider working with a professional to help heal these triggers.