Handling Emotions Part 1

3 Ways to Handle Emotions at Work

Ever snap (or cry) at work? I understand, we’ve all been there. And while I don’t want you to hide your emotions, there is a way to handle them with maturity and leadership.

This post is all about building a strong foundation for emotional resiliency and in the next one, I’ll be sharing all my favorite in-the-moment tips (no more angry outbursts and crying at the office!).

1) Take care of yourself outside of work. Because none of us are our best selves when we’re tired, hungry and lacking connection.

2) Find healthy outlets outside of work to get out your emotions. 
Some ideas:
– workouts like boxing and bootcamp
– calm movement like yoga
– journal
– meditate
– time in nature
– creative time
– time with friends

3) Do the inner work/healing with a coach or therapist.
Pay attention to those persistent thoughts that appear when you’re most emotional. Start with awareness and then consider working with a professional to help heal these triggers.