3 Work/Life Balance Hacks

3 Work/Life Balance Hacks to Reduce Overwhelm & Bring More Joy to Your Days

Last weekend I presented at a Brunch & Learn at Cincinnati’s Women’s Health Expo. The topic was “Work/Life Hacks to Reduce Overwhelm and Bring More Joy to Your Days.”

I thought this was a perfect topic for Morning Joy listeners, and so I brought it to you. Watch the episode above for details and examples, but here are the 3 tips in a nutshell:

1️⃣ Determine & then schedule your priorities (and treat it just as you would any appointment)

2️⃣ Re-evaluate your to-do list, Set Boundaries, Get Support!
Ask yourself: Does this need to be done?
Does this need to be done by me?
Does this need to be done now?

3️⃣ Treat yourself at least as well as you would your dog. Seriously though – implementing basic self-care like getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating quality food, making time for play, and forgiving yourself, can go a long way towards your happiness and overall resiliency.

How to Be Yourself at Work & Home

How to be Your True Self – at Work & at Home

Does it ever feel like you’re wearing a mask to work? Like in order to be successful (or at least fit in), you have to act, sound or look a certain way?

Imagine how it would feel to actually be paid to be yourself – quirks and all?!

I believe this is not only possible, but an essential piece of your career happiness.

And while I encourage my clients to only work for companies where they can be their true selves, sometimes the problem starts at home.

Watch the video above for 4 ways to handle this tough situation, so you can be authentic both at home and at work!

Up Your Influence at Work

Want More Influence at Work? Watch This.

More Influence = More Impact = More Value = More 💵

You know more influence is good (essential!) to a thriving career or business. Here are a few ways to increase your confidence and influence so you can get more done, with more ease and support!

💟 Lead by example
💟 Prepare for objections
💟 Employ & articulate “WIFM” (What’s In It For Me?)
💟 Align with other influencers

Be sure to watch the video for more details and examples!

Rejection-Proof Your Career

3 Tips to Rejection-Proof Your Career

Going after a big dream or goal – whether it’s asking for the promotion, looking for a new job, going full-time as an entrepreneur, or finding the love of your life – requires putting yourself out there.

Understandably, this can make us feel vulnerable and fearful of rejection. But you don’t have to let that fear take the driver’s seat in your life and prevent you from going after your dreams.

Here are 3 ways to handle and overcome rejection:

1️⃣ Check Yourself! (Is this rejection real or perceived?) – Many times, a perceived slight is really just in our heads. Ask yourself – Is this thought true? Do I know for sure it’s true? And look for evidence that it’s not. (If overthinking and negative thoughts are consuming your headspace, I highly recommend the work of Byron Katie.)

2️⃣ Don’t Take Anything Personally (because it never is) – Even the most personal-seeming interactions are not personal. Give people the benefit of the doubt and assume best intentions. We’re all dealing with a lot, and we’re all afraid of rejection ourselves. If you hear a “no” from someone, it likely has nothing to do with you.

3️⃣ Learn and Let Go – Do your best to learn from the situation and make your next effort even better. See rejection as an opportunity to grow and to get even better prepared for that perfect opportunity that is on it’s way to you. Know that every “no” gets you closer to your “YES.”

Now I want to hear from you! Tell me in the comments: Where does fear of rejection come up for you – and how do you handle it?